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Looking to join the Lighthouse Resource Center Family? You are in the right spot. Here you can see all the information that is important for sponsors. We are super excited to talk to you and welcome you into the family. With your sponsorship we can reach deeper into the community and provide help for those in need. 

General Information 

As a sponsor you will be allowed to be present for ALL events that are hosted by Lighthouse Resource Center. 

You will also be allowed to be present for all Food pantry distribution days which are:

1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.
We have three distribution time slots:
12pm -1pm
2pm - 3pm
3:30pm - 4pm 

currently are hosting a total of 4 extra events, which are:
1. Spring Festival
2. Back to school
3. Fall Festival 
4. Christmas Dinner 


Please Fill out For more Information :

Welcome to the Sponsorship family!

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